Anti-vibration Mounts

The damping of vibrations is one of the major strength of the ROSTA rubber suspension units. A wide range of highly efficient anti-vibration mounts guaranteed against tearing are part of our standard program.

ROSTA anti-vibration mounts for the absorption of medium and low frequency vibrations are designed to accept compression, tension and shear loading as well as combined loadings.

They can be installed in any required position. If it is ceiling or wall mount, not a problem for the ROSTA anti-vibration elements. Due to the mechanically secured principle of the anti-vibration mounts type ESL no tearing off is possible.  

Regardless if it is a passive or an active absorption, the ROSTA elements will take the job.



Type ESL

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Type AWI

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Type V

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Type N

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Type NE

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Type NOX

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