ROSTA production remains unaffected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


The impact from the Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, with the situation changing rapidly.

Employee information about the current situation
Employee information about the current situation

Following our last communication on March 2nd we would like to give you a brief update as well as thanking all of you for your understanding in these challenging times for both our and your organization.

The production facility of ROSTA in Switzerland is not affected. Our production facility in Switzerland continues to operate and is not expected to suffer interruption. At the same time, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our employees. We consider our current stock levels to be sufficient for the coming weeks and months, further more our supply chain partners remain largely unaffected as of this moment. Regular production and delivery times can mostly be kept–however with some (special) items you may encounter longer than normal lead times.

We are committed to delivering on your requirements for our products. As ROSTA is a prudently managed and financially very healthy company, we are able to withstand such a crisis and continue to serve our clients needs in the manner and with the quality we are known for. We ask you, our customers and valued partners, to contact us proactively to discuss your higher or lower than usual demand for our products or any operational stresses your business may be facing.

Providing that the production facilities of our suppliers remain operational, borders remain open, and the transportation of freight continues, our supply chain is and will remain intact. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and will of course keep you informed of further developments.

Our global operations remain open, with our team increasing their use of technology for working from home to enable us to remain available to you, our customers. Some travel restrictions will apply to help ensure the wellbeing of our employees and the wider community.

A Chinese proverb sees crisis as an opportunity and ROSTA is committed to continuing to act as your valued partner, despite the challenges of the current environment. Our behavior therefore will be to intensify our contact and interaction with you in the coming weeks, to jointly define how to best serve and support our customers and identify opportunities for further value creation during these difficult times and beyond.

We stand with you, our valued customers and partners.

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